COLORBOND® Matt Range Launched

Architects and designers alike are welcoming the new stylish range of Matt COLORBOND® colours – using an innovative Matt paint technology, Bluescope have released this striking finish in ther 5 most popular colours – Monument®, Basalt®, Dune®, Shale Grey™ and Surfmist®. Matt finishes have soared in popularity recently, with a subtle, yet distinctive texture that brings elegance and finesse to any design.

The new range is available in roofing, walling, guttering, facsia and downpipe product lines, and has a variety of profiles available, including corrugated and standing-seam styles.

The revolutionary paint technology diffuses light to provide a softer appearance, while still maintaining the high standards of durability associated with the COLORBOND® range. COLORBOND® Matt products come with the same warranty as the standard COLORBOND® range.

The Block’s Shaynna Blaze is a big fan of the range – a recent entry on her website explains why:

“The focus of modern living has shifted firmly to sustainability and environmental sensitivity and these days we are much more inclined to be sympathetic to – or reflect – our surrounding environment. COLORBOND® steel’s palette has always been inspired by the colours of the Australian environment, but with some home owners now preferring to use texture and tone to create a point of difference, matt finish takes that synergy with the environment one step further, shifting the focus of attention firmly onto the design profile of our products and buildings.

Matt finishes allow our exteriors to work with the environment – to be embraced by the environment – while subtly enhancing the classic forms of the architecture so that our buildings don’t blend entirely into the background.”

Shaynna goes on to suggest a number of ways to incorporate the range into your design, including combining Matt and traditional COLORBOND® products to create texture layers, and highlight the design of your building.

But don’t take our word (or Shaynna’s) for it – order a COLORBOND® steel Matt chart or swatches from the Bluescope Steel website, or talk to your roofer for more information.