Roof area:                                               0.48bmt x Stramit ‘Speed deck’ x Colorbond Std x 1520m2

Insulation:                                               60mm Anticon Blanket

Safety Wire:                                            300mm x 150mm x 2mm x Galvanised

Wall sheets:                                            0.42bmt x Stramit ‘K Panel’ x Colorbond Std x 3480m2

Box gutter & Sump System:                1mm x Colorbond Std

Downpipe System:                                150mm Diameter PVC Round

Capping/Flashing:                                 Pre-Fab x 0.55bmt x Colorbond Std

Toowong Bus Depot Re-Fuelling Building

Makesafe Roofing was contracted by A Dart & Co. to replace the roof, box gutter and capping system at the Toowong Bus Depot Re-fuelling building.  Our crew consisted of 6 men who were working from Scissor lifts and Boom lifts.

The building is operational 24/7 for the refuelling of all the Brisbane City buses, and as such the works had to be undertaken whilst the building was operational.  At NO time could we have stopped any of the buses from re-fuelling or entering the building throughout the duration of our works.  As such, every two hours for approximately 20 to 30 minutes we ceased works in order to allow for the buses to refuel.

The centre of the building is where the fuel pumps are located and as we came closer to the fuel pumps we had to have air monitors and spotters at all times.

There were numerous Council authorities that we had to deal with at any one time including the Council Engineer, Council Operations Manager and Council Facilities Manager as well as the builder and the Site Superintendent.

Site safety played a high priority throughout the duration of the works, and there was absolutely no cutting corners on safety.  We were being monitored at all times on everything we did, with a major focus being on our attitude and attention to our safety requirements.