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Roofing warranties are separated into two distinct areas:  Material warranties, which are provided by the product manufacturer, such as Bluescope Steel, and Service warranties, which cover the installation of the product by your builder or roofing contractor.



Makesafe Roofing always uses genuine certified Bluescope COLORBOND® steel.  BlueScope is one of the leading steel companies in Australia, and produces high quality products that are specific manufactured to survive in our harsh weather conditions.

BlueScope warranties are available for up to 36 years for roofing materials – however this is affected by the use and location of the structure in question.

You can increase the length of your warranty by choosing the correct materials – for example, a building that is very close to the ocean would have a much longer warranty by using COLORBOND® Ultra®, instead of regular COLORBOND®


The BlueScope website has an easy-to-use warranty estimator to help you discover the right product for you.

After your roof is completed, follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer to make sure your warranty is valid for the maximum time possible.  This will include establishing a maintenance schedule of inspection and cleaning where required (and always remember: safety first!).



In addition, all building work completed in Queensland is required by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) to be warranted by the builder or trade contractor for 6 years and 6 months from the date of completion.

The QBCC refer to problems with building work as Defects, and they fall into two categories:

Non-structural defects are minor defects that are generally cosmetic in nature, such as sticking windows or doors, or cracked plasterboard or tiles. 


Structural defects are more serious and affect the structural integrity of your building – this is the category that leaking roofs fall into.

At Makesafe Roofing, we are so confident in our workmanship that we provide a 10 year workmanship warranty on all works completed… that’s 3 and a half years more than industry standard! 


In addition to that – incorrect installation of your roof will void your product warranty!

You can visit the QBCC website to find out more about defective building work.

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